I am experimenting with Pastel.

I attended drawing classes for several years, starting with simple drawing and moving to live model and portrait. I decided to focus on portraits.  It is a bigger challenge; in live model (we do not take a photo of the model), we can make an exceptionally beautiful drawing that does not necessarily look like the model or the pose. On the other hand, for portraits, one can, and in general I do, take a photo of the model; it takes a lot of effort and skill to find the resemblance!

I had already drawn in pastel in some of the classes but nothing serious and the results were quite primitive.

As I said in another article, I am taking advantage of my time at home during this pandemic to draw. I continue with portraits and decided to try the pastel. I have several books on the subject and of course I am looking for tutorials on the web. Mastering it takes time but that does not put me off, I try all kinds of stuff.

I have several boxes of chalk and a box of 24 Faber-Castel pencils for details. Right now, I am drawing on Canson Mi-teintes paper in different colors.


At the initiative of one of the students, since we cannot attend classes, a small group decided to draw (at home) a model every week and to share our work.

Several sites offer photos of models for artists. We take turns choosing a model and each one chooses the pose and medium he/she wants. On Wednesdays we email our work to the group. It is very stimulating to see what other people are doing. As far as I am concerned it encourages me to improve and try other techniques.

One of us volunteered to put this on the web, here is the link.

Here is what I have drawn so far, in chronological order:

Latest update Feb 26 2022:(click on an image to start slideshow)

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