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Our fiftieth wedding anniversary at Manoir Hatley

On June 3rd we celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary!

Fifty years ago our best friends, Mona and Claude Nahmias were married a few days apart from us and we went on honeymoon together.

So we decided to celebrate our fiftieth together again!

We stayed for 2 nights at Manoir Hovey in Notrh Hatley in the Eastern Townships. What a beautiful experience !!

It must be said that the Manor is a five stars establishment  part of  «Relais et chateaux ». The staff was super nice, the service impeccable , the food exceptional, a real treat.

The first evening was memorable; it happened that we were five couples celebrating our fiftieth at the same time in the dining room that day, it was the first time that it happened to the manor. In addition we discovered that the MâîtreD had spent 10 years in Egypt had attended the same school as Claude and spoke a little Arabic! We exchange memories and jokes and the whole evening was spent in a good mood, really a very nice memory.

Updated the Class of ’61 site of Collège St-Marc

Received some photos from Philippe Rizgalla and took the opportuinity to update the site


Class of ’61 site

Promotion '61

Site de la promotion ’61

St-Marc and Notre Dame de Sion réunion

The weekend of May 30/31 alumni from Collège St-Marc and Notre Dame de Sion (Alexandria) met at St-Adèle. Weather was lousy but the dinner was a great success.

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Trip to Lebanon

In mid-June we went on a 2 weeks journey  in Lebanon.  It had been 10 years since our last trip and we want to see again some cousins. 

Bay of Jounieh

We were a little anxious because of the situation in Syria and the repercussions in Lebanon, but finally everything went fine and we spent very pleasant holidays.  We went several times to the mountain; Deir El Qamar, Harissé, Qlaïaât, Hemlaya and we spent 3 days to the beach with Batroun, known for its ruins and its lemonades. ( )

View fron of Our Lady of the Sea church in Batroun

I reconnected with 2 former colleagues of IBM with whom we spent a marvelous evening. To go back to Lebanon is to find a completely different way of life, contrasts at every moment and at each street corner, an indescribable lunatic traffic, where people circulate more by reflex than by respecting the Highway Code! Districts of amazing wealth, a city centre completely rebuilt where all the great names like Hermes, Chanel, Cartier, Tiffany, and Ferrari have their own stores….All that next to dilapidated buildings often riddled with bullet holes, testimony to the civil war and various skirmishes that shook this country. Lebanese Architecture  In Hamra where we were, Christian and Moslem live and work side by side.  Young women dressed in very fashionable western style work alongside other wearing the hijab, everyone attends to his business and a social peace, which seems precarious, reigns.  Of course I took a lot photos!  I did not want to take my backpack of photography with the D90 the various lenses and the flash of fear of being hindered in case or the situation got dicey… I thus took a small Nikon Coolpix S6200; 16 Megapixels, a zoom of 10 and a lot of practical functions.  I do not regret my choice, the quality of the photographs is good and I hope to be able to exhibit some of them this year and to put some on site HIL-AIR  ( ).

22 février… fête de Baden Powell

À l’occasion de la fête de BP (22 février),  aujourd’hui durant la messe de 10:h00 à St-Sauveur les scouts faisaient le service d’ordre, ont lu les textes et ont chanté le chant de promesse.  Magda et moi étions émus car ça nous a rappelé beaucoup de bons souvenirs.
Salut à tous mes frères scouts.

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